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4-Piece Right Angle Shelf Bracket Set Silver 3x4 inch
10.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 10.00 ر.س

Crafted to assure immense stability and balance to the shelf structurePremium housing construction p..

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6 ft. Strap-a-Handle - EZ Clip System - Carry 40lbs
59.95 ر.س 58.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 58.00 ر.س

 6ft long with handle best luggage strap. Easy to use clipHandy around the house too or other t..

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Bosch 10 Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit
100.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 100.00 ر.س

 Titanium coating lasts six times longer than black oxideUnique Speed Helix flute design penetr..

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FIXA 12-piece screw and plug set
4.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 4.00 ر.س

Comprises: Countersunk screws 55 mm (dia. 4.5 mm) and wall plugs 40 mm (dia 8 mm), 6 pcs of each...

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Kana Security Padlock 70mm KA-6120
20.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 20.00 ر.س

Features:Lock width 70 mmDiameter: 9.8 mmHigh security..

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Lawazim Corner Braces Copper 25x25 milimeter - 0012
9.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.00 ر.س

HighlightsAllows for quick adjustment of depth on uneven surfacesBrand point allows for quick and ea..

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Lawazim Nickel Plated Latch Lock Silver 4 inch - 0035
9.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.00 ر.س

Profoundly designed to efficiently hinder any kind of deformationServes as an extremely versatile co..

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Milton Button, Blo-Gun SAFETY
30.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 30.00 ر.س

• Milton 107 Safety Button Blo-Gun Compact hand held unit can be used anywhere with compressed ..

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Multipurpose Rope 440g 12m*12mm
15.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 15.00 ر.س

Features:Multipurpose ropeLength: 12 metersWeight: 440 gThickness: 12 mm..

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Outdoor Survival Bracelet Camping Hiking Gear with Compass, Fire Starter, Whistle And Emergency Knife
20.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 20.00 ر.س

Specifications: Maximum tension resistance : 550lbsThe whole rope length: 126inchDiameter: 0.16inchB..

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Precision Screws Set 6-in-1 - 9759
22.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 22.00 ر.س

Precision Screws for 6-in-1 Small Screws.These screws are usually used to repair electronics, such a..

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SafeWorld International 116504-12 The Original Can Gun Spray Can Tool
17.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 17.95 ر.س

Patented "V-Notch" NosepieceErgonomic Trigger and Handle DesignMade in USA100% Recycled Pl..

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VELCRO(R) Brand ONE-WRAP(R) Ties .875"X23" 3/Pkg Black
19.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 19.95 ر.س

These fully adjustable, pre-cut ties stay securely attached to cords even when not in use. Perfect f..

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دفاية زيت الماني اصلي 15 صفة حجم كبير2500وات
655.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 655.00 ر.س

دفاية مصنوعة في المانيا بمواصفات عالية جدا ومامونة للاستعمال المتواصل طول فصل الشتاء وفيها ميزة انها..

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طاولة كوي 125 × 45 سم شبكSold out
طاولة كوي 125 × 45 سم شبك
189.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 189.00 ر.س

طاولة كوي 125 × 45 سم شبكMESH IRONING BOARD 125x45 cm..

Sold out
24.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 24.95 ر.س

3 PC MAGNETIC TOOL SET -2PC pickup Tool1PC 3" Magnetic Bowl..

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AVMART 34cm Movable Metal Chassis/Stand/Trolley for Gas Cylinder, Vegetable & Fruit Basket & More
32.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 32.00 ر.س

Metal cylinder trolley with wheels | gas trolly / lpg cylinder stand 100 % Metal productMulti-Layer ..

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BMB Dual Head Hoe Cultivator with 3 Prongs GardeningTool for Loosening Soil, Weeding and Digging
9.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.00 ر.س

Specially designed head can penetrate all types of soil with ease, making planting seeds and digging..

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Fantastic Mounting Tape Extra Strong 48mm x 5m FK-M485
15.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 15.00 ر.س

Features:Self-adhesive on both the sidesPerfect for holding glass, ceramic, wood, stainless steel, e..

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HSMT0805 – INGCO Steel Measuring Tape
34.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 34.95 ر.س

ength & width:5mx25mmDouble buttonSelf lock functionWith all rubber coverWith metric and inchPac..

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