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Hand Tools

Best Precision Scrowdriver
40.00 ر.س 34.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 34.95 ر.س

Best Precision Scrowdriver ..

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DFUTE 48-in-1 Multifunctional Socket Wrench,Multi-angle Wrench with 6 Corners
84.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 84.95 ر.س

Applicable For Multiple Models:8 Sleeves Correspond To 8 Types Of Screws, Works With Spline Bolts,5-..

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انجكو المجموعة الإحترافية حزمة 18 سكروب بمقاسات مختلفة موديل - HKSD1828
119.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 119.95 ر.س

 ثمانية سكاريب بمقاسات مختلفة:SL6.5x38mm  |  SL5.5X75mmSL6.5X100mm  |  SL8X..

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Snape Stanley Screwdrivers Circular Set, 6pcs (model 1-66-039)
24.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 24.95 ر.س

Screwdriver to meet the needs of the connecting bolts and decryptionScrewdriver solid, strong and hi..

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Ingco HKSPA3088 Off Set Ring Spanner SeT
120.00 ر.س 95.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 95.00 ر.س

Size: 6-22mm6x7mm | 8x9mm10x11mm | 12x13mm14x15mm | 16x17mm18x19mm | 20x22mm..

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Hexagon Wrench Set - 10 pcs
10.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 10.00 ر.س

Wrench sizes 8 mm, 6 mm, 5.5 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm, 3.5 mm, 3 mm, 2.5 mm, 2 mm, 1.5 mm..

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Ingco 3 Pcs Pliers Set - HKPS28318
74.99 ر.س Ex Tax: 74.99 ر.س

3 Pcs Pliers Set6" Long Nose Pliers6" Diagonal Cuttng Pliers8" Combination Plier..

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Ingco HKISD0608 Insulated Screwdriver 6 PCS Set
74.65 ر.س Ex Tax: 74.65 ر.س

Insulated Screw Driver Set 6 pcsSL3.0×75SL4.0×100,SL6.5×150PH0×60PH1×8..

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Lawazim Pruning Shears Green/Orange 8 inch
10.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 10.00 ر.س

Ideal for cutting stems and light branchesAngled cutting head reduces wrist fatigue and makes it eas..

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Lawazim 2-Piece Cutter Set With 8 Blades Orange/Black/Silver - 0019
10.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 10.00 ر.س

Sharp blade facilitates neat and precise cuttingProtective guard cover prevents accidental cutsSlidi..

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BMB tools 2-Piece Screwdriver Set Yellow/Silver/Red 4 inch - 0011
9.50 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.50 ر.س

HighlightsIdeal for home improvement tasks and are a perfect addition to any tool kitDesigned with a..

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Lawazim Plastic Handle Handsaw Orange/Silver 12 inch
13.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 13.00 ر.س

HighlightsHard-wearing razor-sharp blade cut with accuracy and proffers balanced controlServes as an..

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Loggerhead Tools Bionic Wrench 8 " Sae 11 Mm 20 Mm
84.95 ر.س 79.65 ر.س Ex Tax: 79.65 ر.س

The Loggerhead Bionic Wrench is a new type of hand tool that combines the versatility of an adjustab..

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Solderless Wire Terminal and Connection Kit with Crimping/Wire
105.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 105.00 ر.س

المرجع: 50413ACondition: New productHandy assortment accessories set for electrical repair..

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Ingco 6 Pcs Screwdriver Set - HKSD0628
44.99 ر.س Ex Tax: 44.99 ر.س

Screwdriver set 6 pcsThe hand tool used to open or install screws and has a handle and a metal rod.U..

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Ingco HKSPA1088 Combination Wrench- Set of 8 Pieces
79.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 79.95 ر.س

Sizes:6-19mm6mm | 8mm10mm | 12mm14mm | 15mm17mm | 19mm..

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Ingco Paint Brush 22mm (1") CHPTB0501
14.95 ر.س Ex Tax: 14.95 ر.س

Dimantions: الطول: 25ممالعرض 51ممSize:22mm (1")..

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Lawazim 6-Piece Cutter Set Yellow/Black/Silver - 0040
9.50 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.50 ر.س

HighlightsSharp blade facilitates neat and precise cuttingProtective guard cover prevents accidental..

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Lawazim 6in Mini Saw Orange/Black/Silver
12.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 12.00 ر.س

Blades with push and pull cutting action for optimal efficiencyMeticulously designed handle offers a..

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INGCO Machinist hammer - HMH880500
29.99 ر.س Ex Tax: 29.99 ر.س

Carboon SteelMassive hammerSpry treatment anti-rust..

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Ingco HPW0810 Pipe Wrench 10 Inch
59.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 59.00 ر.س

Material: Carbon steelStilson key 10 "250 mmMolded and hardened adjustment nutStrong teeth with..

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Ingco Claw Hammer Fiberglass Handle - HCH80816
28.65 ر.س Ex Tax: 28.65 ر.س

Drop-forged hammerheadHeat treatment, 45# carbon steelStyle Fiberglass handleWeight:450gFEATURES:Bra..

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Ingco 9Pcs Interchangeable Screwdriver Set - AKISD0901
49.99 ر.س Ex Tax: 49.99 ر.س

9 tips for all access. Convenient and space saving. Ergonomically designed bi-material handle. Bar i..

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Ingco 25Pcs Handtool Set Model HKTH10258Ingco 25Pcs Handtool Set Model HKTH10258Sold out
Ingco 25Pcs Handtool Set Model HKTH10258
149.99 ر.س Ex Tax: 149.99 ر.س

Brand new tool box with 25pcs handtools setFeatures:“25pcs handtools setInclude:1pcs 7″&..

Sold out
Lawazim 6-Piece Wood Carving Set Beige 10x21 centimeter
9.00 ر.س Ex Tax: 9.00 ر.س

Robust plastic housing for the toughest continuous useRazor sharp blades offer precise cuttingMade o..

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