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How do I find my Plus Code address?

How do I find my Plus Code address?

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(1) Introduction:

We always recommend using Plus code address from Google because they work just like any normal address and they are extremely accurate and also you can get an address of any spot on Google maps no matter if that place has an actual address or not and here is an example of the Plus Code of the tank tower in Alqatif:

And if we search about this plus code address on Google maps we will get the location:

(2) How do I find my own plus code address?

Before you begin make sure you are using a device which is equipped with GPS technology so your browser can identify your location automatically instead of doing it manually.

You can also watch a video tutorial on how to get your Plus Code address here:


  1. Vist plus code website's from the following link : 
  2. Click on the GPS icon : 
  3. Allow your browser to locate your device.
  4. Switch to satellite mode in order to see your house clearly.
  5. Click on your house on the map and copy your Plus Code address.