Holley Dominator Billet Fuel Pumps 12-1800

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Fuel Pump, Electric, 200 gph, 80 psi, -10 AN O-ring Female Threads Inlet/Outlet, Gasoline, Diesel, E85, Each


Manufacturer's Part Number:12-1800

Part Type:Fuel Pumps

Product Line:Holley Dominator Billet Fuel Pumps



Fuel Pump Type:Electric external

Fuel Pump Voltage:12 V

Free Flow Rate:200 gph/757 lph

Fuel Pressure (psi):80 psi

Fuel Pressure Regulator Included:No

Sending Unit Included:No

Inlet Size:-10 AN O-ring

Inlet Quantity:One

Inlet Attachment:Female threads

Outlet Size:-10 AN O-ring

Outlet Quantity:One

Outlet Attachment:Female threads

Gasket Included:No

Wiring Harness Included:No

Mounting Bracket Included:No

Mounting Hardware Included:No

Pulley Included:No

Quantity:Sold individually.

Notes:Maximum draw is 17.2 amps. This is a race only pump that shouldn't be run longer than 20 minutes. Pump was not intended for street driven vehicles that regularly see ambient temperatures above 90 degrees.


Holley Dominator billet fuel pumps feature a patent-pending twin-pump design. It allows you to use one pump for cruising and both pumps when you activate the nitrous switch or start building boost. By staging the second pump, you eliminate the unnecessary recirculation and heating of extra fuel, which can lead to poor performance and hot fuel issues. They can also be wired for full-time duty to get the maximum performance and are proven with an 18 V compatibility at pressures of up to 80 psi. At only 5.1 lbs., they weigh half a pound less than other 1,000 hp pumps, and yet they have twice the features.


Features include:


* Billet aluminum construction with anodized finish

* -10 AN O-ring inlet/outlet for high flow and superior sealing

* Excellent for use with carburetor or EFI applications

* Compact for easy installation on frame rails or other tight spaces

* Proven durability beyond 3,000 hours in gasoline or diesel fuels

* Fully sealed, can be submersed if necessary

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